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Thanks To…

The incredibly evocative cover illustrations were created by the artist Fiona Jayde, of Fiona Jayde

Final assembly on my novels was done by the fast and efficient Tamara Cribley, of The Deliberate Page.

My editor is shy, but I hope to be able recognize her invaluable contributions to fixing my text someday.

This website was designed and built by the talented and sophisticated Karma Bennett of The Future is Fiction. (The content is from the author, don’t blame Ms. Bennett for misspellings, grammatical errors, etc.).

More thanks to…

My parents for taking me across the country on many trips; for their love and good advice; for their kindness and generosity. Love you Mom and Dad.

My sister and brother for their encouragement and help and good companionship over the decades.

My own children who have, at times, been willing to humor their father by reading his work. These days they play cooperative games with me (like Gloomhaven and Spirit Island), which is better than them beating me consistently in games like Galaxy Trucker or Alchemists. Well, turnabout is fair play, and I used to win the games we played when they were children.

A brief word about my first wife: I have some direct experience of living in a Confucian culture thanks to her and her multitudinous family. When I first met the Trinhs, they had been in America for only eight years, having arrived without any possessions or money, as they were evacuated out of Saigon with only hours to spare before the Army of North Vietnam captured the city and ended the Vietnam war. The Trinhs were quite serious about maintaining many aspects of traditional Vietnamese culture: lunar new year, the moon festival, weddings, and death-days. Visiting my then-wife’s family was a unique experience and one that I enjoyed greatly. I knew my ex-wife’s family for thirty years and I have enormous respect and admiration for them. My children are still very close to the Trinhs and I think its wonderful.

Here is my bone mote about the Vietnamese: the biggest difference between the Vietnamese and the Chinese is that the Vietnamese don’t think they are Chinese.

Lastly, my Significant Other, Ms. Qiao, who has been my muse and gave me many helpful suggestions over the years. Among her many kindnesses, she took me on a private tour across China. The Burning Tower and The Fire Sword would likely not have been written without her love and support.

山鎮士 爱 喬敏