Kelten Knights around a table

Major characters:

  • Sandun Eiger – a new master of the Royal Archives, discoverer of the map which shows an old overland route from the eastern edge of Kelten to Serica.
  • Sir Ako – third son of one of the great lords of Kelten, one of the best knights of Kelten but a man destined to have any great impact on the world because he has two older brothers.
  • Kagne Areka – a man from the wilds of eastern Kelten. He is a jack-of-all trades, a bit of a rogue with a good knowledge of all levels of society. He got in trouble with the local church and was hired by Sandun as a guide.
  • Lord Jori Vaina – the Serice man who was born to a poor family, and who lost everything and everyone at the age of 14. He is now trying to create a new state, struggling against nearly impossible odds to one day rule all of Serica.
  • Valo Peli – one the most brilliant and highly educated Serice scholars of his generation. A man who worked for the evil Kitran empire for many years before finally resigning his position in disgust.
  • Princess Rusu Toumi. Rusu is not from Serica but instead from Rakeved (meaning Vietnam) but she came to Serica with her father, who was then immediately assassinated. Having been in mourning for a year, she meets and falls in love with Sir Ako.
  • Lady Miri Kirdar. Also not from Serica, she is from the even more eastern land of Shila (meaning Korea). She was sent to Serica to be a concubine/informant for one of the great clans of Shila. However, she is “given” to Sandun to marry, as Lord Vaina already has a wife from Shila (Lady Miri shows up in Book 2).
Kitran warrior


  • King Tuno – ruler of the province of Vasvar. A major enemy of Lord Jori Vaina.
  • Nilin Ulim – the leader of one of the Kitran army hordes (he dies at the end of Book 2)
  • The Radiant Prince – the boy-leader of the “Red Swords” – a new religion which seemingly appeared recently in central Serica.
  • The Fox-spirits. These deadly creatures care nothing for human laws as they can change their appearance by using glamours to fool people. Their goals are usually unknown, but they rarely let anyone get in their way.