Cover image "The Burning Tower"

The Burning Tower begins with the discovery of an ancient map, a route between two lands, long separated by a vast expanse of nearly impassible mountains and and a harsh climate. First published in 2017, this is volume 1 of the Secret Journey series. An audiobook version of this novel was created (read by the author) in 2018.



Cover "The Fire Sword"

The Fire Sword continues the adventure as our heroes must confront dangers at every side. First published in 2018, this is volume 2 of the Secret Journey series. The author hopes to create an audiobook version of this novel as well.





Cover for "The Flame Iris Temple"

The Flame Iris Temple continues the story as our heroes must face new adversaries and conflicts arise between them. The book is expected to be finished in 2019, it will be volume 3 of the Secret Journey series. 





Older Books 

Cover image of Love Poems + Landscapes

Love Poems + Landscapes is a book of poetry which I wrote in 2012. Very few copies were printed but I might republish the book in the future, if demand exists.




Cover image for A Thousand Hills Rise from the Sea Like Blocks of Jade

A Thousand Hills Rise from the Sea Like Blocks of Jade – Vietnam from 900 to 1800 is my short history of Vietnam. Published in 2008 I wrote it because of a dearth in histories of Vietnam available in English. This has been largely alleviated by some recent American scholars, most notably K. Taylor’s A History of the Vietnamese (published in 2013). My little book has its charms (I hope) but, it is unlikely that anyone will beat down the door demanding a copy.