Writing The Wind Mage

I started writing The Wind Mage a few months after I finished The Flame Iris Temple in May of 2020. I completed the text in March of 2021 and the editing plus art was finalized in August of 2021. Some of the topics I address in The Wind Mage are: the role of courtesans in society, the nature of political power for the educated scholar-elite, who are the fox-spirits and what do they want, as well as ship-travel and trade in what one might call the late medieval period. The Wind Mage is nearly 100,000 words which makes it the shortest of the novels I have written. Parts of the book date back to 2019 because I thought book three would combine both Sandun's story and Kagne's story, interwoven. However,…

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The Wind Mage

A new Book! and a new audioBook!

Well, after a good deal of work, the 4th book in the series is done and published. The Wind Mage - is now available as both a paperback and a Kindle edition. You can buy it here. I'll have more to say about the book in the next update. The other big news is that the audioBook version of The Flame Iris Temple is also done as available here! I recorded the audioBook for The Flame Iris Temple in May of 2020 but due to a number of unexpected complications, I was not able to get the audio version for sale until August of 2021. So, I have two new things both in the same month. Happy news.

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