The Nine Unknown Men Who Control India
Statue of Shiva in Karnataka

The Nine Unknown Men Who Control India

This is a curious story which dates back more than 2,000 years. The great king of India, Ashoka (ruled 268 to 232 B.C.) expanded the empire left to him by his father Bindusara and his grandfather, Chandragupta. By 260, Ashoka ruled over most of modern India and Pakistan - but not including the southern quarter. He famously converted to Buddhism and his court became, in the eyes of later Buddhist priests, the most perfect realm in the history of the world. Like most other Buddhist kings, Ashoka's realm disintegrated soon after his death as Buddhist kings are rarely effective at real state-craft. Another example would include Xiao Yan, King Wu of Liang. However, during Ashoka's thirty years of peace and relative harmony, he became famous for his wisdom, and the…

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