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Two common viruses

Colin Glassey’s Theory of Viruses

Two common viruses I now propose a new theory of viruses. Hypothesis: viruses are used by living cells to communicate information to other living cells. They are part of the normal behavior of cells. This is a modification to the theory by Dr. Margolis (in 2018) about extracellular vesicles. Observation: Cells use a number of methods to communicate with other cells, they release chemicals, they change electrical charge, and other methods which have been documented over the last 150 years. Viruses, meaning strands of RNA or DNA, are also used by cells as an expensive but highly sophisticated form of information transfer. The viruses which make multi-cellular creatures sick are essentially “rogue viruses” whose programming has been corrupted, either through accidental mutation, or as a form of cellular warfare. Why…

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Statues in AC - Odyssey

Statues in Ancient Greece

Statues in AC - Odyssey I've been playing the computer game Assassin's Creed - Odyssey for the last week. What a wonderful game this is! For two years I studied ancient Greece in college. My main focus was the wars of the Diadochi, the successors to Alexander the Great but I spent a great deal of time reading the history of the Greek city states from 500 B.C. to 200 B.C. Odyssey puts you in Ancient Greece during the golden age of Athens. Your character meets with a host of famous historical figures from Socrates to Herodotus. The wildly unreliable but brilliant general Alcibiades is shown in his youth among many, many more. You see potters making the clay pots which now fill the British Museum, you see Zoroastrians throwing…

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Inlay pearl dish

Feng Menlong – The Story of the Pearl Shirt

Feng Menglong starts his first collection of stories (from the collection Stories Old and New) with an entertaining story about coincidences, an unfaithful wife, and how to get into a married woman's bed chamber. Inlay pearl dish The story is titled Jiang Xingge Reencounters His Pearl Shirt. It is about several families of the merchant class of China, and it takes place in the mid-Ming dynasty. What we learn from this story: Merchants routinely made journeys of a year, or more. This shows up in other stories as well. Why Chinese merchants would takes such long trips seems odd to me. I believe there is nothing like this in European stories, not until the age of exploration. European merchants traveled, but they were never gone for more than nine months.Men…

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