Qiao’s Grand Courtyard – A Detailed Review
Qiao Grand Courtyard

Qiao’s Grand Courtyard – A Detailed Review

Chinese TV series, 2006 - Highly Recommended. 45 Episodes (about 34 hours total viewing time). Qiao's Grand Courtyard is a TV series broadcast on Chinese state TV in 2006. Americans can watch it using Amazon.com's Prime TV service (yes, it has subtitles in English). Like most Chinese stories, the TV series is based on a real person and real events, though some creative changes were made by the writer and director to make the story more entertaining.  Qiao Grand Courtyard, as it looks today Qiao Zhiyong, our hero, is the second son of a wealthy Chinese businessman from Shanxi Province. He lived in one of the largest family compounds near Pingyao (now called the Pingyao Ancient City). Qiao Zhiyong was born in 1818 and died in 1907. For much of…

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