Why Russia Owns Vladivostok
Map of Eastern Siberia

Why Russia Owns Vladivostok

The Chinese signed very few treaties with other nations before the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. Generally, nations sent embassies to China and bowed down before the Son of Heaven, acknowledging the Chinese emperor as the most important ruler in the world, above all other national leaders. One of the very few treaties the Chinese signed with an equal nation, was the treaty of Nerchinsk, agreed to by the Qing under the Kangxi Emperor and the Russian Czar, Peter the Great in 1689. The two leaders did not meet, the agreement was made by two delegations with Jesuit priests acting as go-betweens and communicating in Latin. The border agreed to in 1689 was far north of the current border between Russia and China, specifically, the border was delineated…

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