Games I Play – MORPGs

This is a large topic and one that I will return to later. MORPGs (multi-player online role-playing-games, also known as MMORPGs) have been developed over the last 25 years as computers become more powerful and game companies attempted to bring many players together at the same time in virtual worlds. The first MORPG I played was Diablo, by Blizzard North, in 1996. While not really a MORPG by some standards, you could play with other people, across the country, and you could role-play your character, a little. The next game I played which was a real MORPG was Ultima Online, from Origin Systems. I played Ultima Online for two years before switching to EverQuest, from Verant Interactive. From EverQuest I tried many games, include Asheron's Call, and Dark Ages of…

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