The Wind Mage

The Newest Adventure!

Published in August of 2021, The Wind Mage is the latest book in the Secret Journey series. 

The Wind Mage centers around Kagne, now a wind mage, a master of the air, rain, and fog.

The Wind Mage is an adventure, an exploration of new lands, and an unlikely love story. 

Available in paperback, Kindle, and – soon – as an AudioBook.

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Cover image "The Burning Tower"

Adventure, magic, heroes and villains.

Welcome to the epic fantasy series by author Colin Glassey.

The Burning Tower begins with the discovery of an ancient map, a route between two lands, long separated by a vast expanse of nearly impassible mountains and and a harsh climate. 

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Cover "The Fire Sword"

The Fire Sword continues the adventure as our heroes must confront dangers at every side. In The Fire Sword, our heroes must learn who they can trust and who they must fight against. The land of Serica is divided between warring factions. Choosing a side is unavoidable, and their new enemies are powerful and ruthless.

Available in paperback, Kindle, and as an AudioBook.


Cover for "The Flame Iris Temple"

The third novel : The Flame Iris Temple

Sandun returns, now with great powers over both the world of the living and the hidden world of ghosts and demons.   

One place draws everyone’s attention: the Flame Iris Temple – one of main centers for pilgrims and worshipers. But the Flame Iris Temple holds a great secret, one which could save Sandun and his friends, or kill them all.

Available as a paperback, Kindle, and as an audioBook – click here to buy it